Automobiliai iš Amerikos

Saugiai pakrausime ir greitai pargabensime į Lietuvą, įsigytą jūsų automobilį, motociklą,katerį, traktorių ar kitą transporto priemonę.

Išskirtiniai automobiliai

Amerikos automobiliai turi pranašumą prieš europinius automobilius, nes jie yra geriau prižiūrėti, laiku atliekamos techninės apžiūros ir pakeičiamos detalės.

Laisvalaikio transporto priemonės

Padėsime įsigyti įvairios laisvalaikio technikos iš Amerikos, kaip keturračius, sniego motociklus, vandens motociklus, čioperius ar kitą.

Automobiliai iš aukcionų

Dirbame su daugeliu Amerikos ir Europos aukcionų,todėl bendradarbiaudami su mumis būsite saugūs ir garantuoti už savo pirkinį.

About us

Our company provides professional services for buying different purpose vehicles, spare parts from the USA and Europe; mediated by the Customs related formalities. We offer solutions that encompass the whole logistic process chain:

  • Transport to the place of loading;
  • Oversized cargo transportation;
  • Loading the container and rafting to Lithuania;
  • All container freight forwarding services in Lithuania;
  • Delivery to the desired location in Lithuania, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan;
  • Thu. facilities

Gradually accumulating experience to suit your needs to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price.


Transportation services

  • Transportation to the place of loading in USA (Chicago, Jacksonville, New York, Los Angeles).
  • Non-standard cargo transportation from USA (building equipment, machinery; water vehicles).
  • Loading the container and rafting to Klaipeda.
  • Container‘s taking in Klaipeda & unloading in Kaunas/Vilnius.
  • Delivery to the desired location in Lithuania.

Vehicles purchases from USA auctions

We cooperate with a lot of global car sales auctions.If you are choose already a vehicle, please follow the vehicle the ordering rules. Below you will find the main USA auctions:

The vehicles of leisure offer you to purchase various vehicles of leisure from USA. You can buy a variety of motorcycles:quadricycle, snowmobiles, jet skis, choppers,boats and campers for family trips. We deliver spare parts and accessories for them. Our managers will find the vehicle of leisure you are interested in at the lowest price and delivery it to your required location.

Your chosen vehicle can be examined separately on your request of our representatives in America and additional pictures can be sent to you personaly. Americans vehicles has an advantage over Europeans, because it is better maintained,timely technical inspection and All necesary parts are replaced over new.Make order of your equipment, we will search it for you and deliver on the shortest time.


  • JSC "Autopara"
  • registration number: 304251113
  • address of registration: Vėjo str. 12-2, Ginduliai, LT-91284 Klaipėdos raj
  • For transportation and orders questions tel.: +37060743204
  • Fax:+370 46 492 876
  • E-mail:
  • Skype: autocopart
  • How to find us: