Automobiliai iš Amerikos

Saugiai pakrausime ir greitai pargabensime į Lietuvą, įsigytą jūsų automobilį, motociklą,katerį, traktorių ar kitą transporto priemonę.

Išskirtiniai automobiliai

Amerikos automobiliai turi pranašumą prieš europinius automobilius, nes jie yra geriau prižiūrėti, laiku atliekamos techninės apžiūros ir pakeičiamos detalės.

Laisvalaikio transporto priemonės

Padėsime įsigyti įvairios laisvalaikio technikos iš Amerikos, kaip keturračius, sniego motociklus, vandens motociklus, čioperius ar kitą.

Automobiliai iš aukcionų

Dirbame su daugeliu Amerikos ir Europos aukcionų,todėl bendradarbiaudami su mumis būsite saugūs ir garantuoti už savo pirkinį.

Rules of vehicles Order

How to order a car

Given car auctions held by insurance companies. In order to better understand how the car auctions work, you can find the car auction page and view it profile with photographs. Only the following information is provided so that you can decide to buy or not. The information about the car's condition, completeness and damage is impossible. In order to get the engine capacity should click on the VIN code in the description. All vehicles are sold without warranty, as they are.

In vehicle description you can see the date of the auction. Introductory sale begins 1 - 2 weeksbefore the due date. It begins to take shape during an initial price of the car from the auction will begin. Auction takes place on the date specified on the internet.To participate in the auction can only registered dealer firms, have made a deposit to the auction - deposit account. Auction time buyers bets, so by the end of price changes only to the rising side (you canalso watch the process ! ). Predict the price it is very difficult - it depends on the vendors, weather (no joke!) And from a variety of other factors. Only an experienced professional can roughly indicate the amount for which it will be possible to buy a car.

What to do if you want to buy a car with our help

  1. First, you have made the right choice and have found Lot (the car), You have to make your booking. When we receive your booking we will send a confirmation email to your registered email address with a contract and bank information.
  2. Make a payment to the bank account of an amount of 10% of the amount you want to pay for the selected vehicle (Lot), but not less than $ 500, or 1250 €. This is the security of the auction. It is needed in order that you really paid chosen by people and purchased a vehicle (Lot). This amount does not return only if you refuse to pay the purchased vehicle (Lot). If you bet less and appeared to "bet" other auction participants, understandable the purchase does not count. In this case, you can use other security vehicles (Lot) purchase. If you want to recover the deposit will be returned, without any additional charges.
  3. Your are signed a contract and made a payment, so You are already in the auction.
  4. After winning the auction and purchasing your chosen vehicle is a 2-day course of the bill have to deposit the full amount of money (money transfer deposit refunded). The exact amount will be stated in the contract. It consists of: car prices, auction fees, transportation costs in USA to the port you specified. The third course of the day, having received the remaining amount, add 50 USD to the final amount of the fine, it is an auction. If the remaining amount will be paid within 7 days lot back to re-auction sale, and you lose the entire amount of the deposit.
  5. During 1-3 weeks, depending on the point of sale and the port, the car shipped to New York, Chicago or Jacksonville port and loaded into a container. Then you get a technical certificate (title) and the charging document (dock receipt) copies of which will be indicated on the container loaded the car and where it was sent. You also get the data to the Sea line options, which transports the container (container tracking). Depending on the destination port container shipping time can range from 12 to 26 days.
  6. When containers reach the port you get the courier the original technical passport (title) and invoice. These documents are sufficient to carry out all customs formalities.
  7. By mutual agreement, we can sort out all customs documents, which we will deliver to the door.

Auction fee

Auction fee is composed of three parts


The fee is paid according to the purchase price:

Vehicle price Auction fee
1$ 20$
100$ 45$
200$ 65$
400$ 85$
600$ 105$
800$ 125$
1000$ 145$
1200$ 165$
1400$ 185$
1700$ 205$
2000$ 225$
2500$ 250$

*If you buy a car more expensive than $ 2,500 fee remains $ 250


The fee for an online auction:

"Virtual bid" - 30$


The fee for the release of the vehicle from the site

"Gate" - 35$

Good Luck!